Conference Proceedings

A Mobile Learning Journey: Or "A tale of two academics pedagogical partnership"

T Cochrane, R Bateman, B Cope (ed.)

Technology, Knowledge and Society | Published : 2010


Today, less than a billion people have access to computers, whereas around four billion people have access to mobile phones. At the same time, the nature of the Internet has been undergoing a revolution labelled ‘web 2.0’. Most web 2.0 tools are also designed to be mobile friendly, allowing reading and updating of web 2.0 content from mobile phones, and also featuring enhanced mobile affordances such as photo and video blogging (from cameraphones), and geotagging (from GPS equipped smartphones). Hence mobile web 2.0 provides a platform for wider access than traditional computing that is context independent, facilitating ‘authentic’ learning environments (A. Herrington & Herrington, 2007, 200..

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