Conference Proceedings

Integrating Mobile Web 2.0 within Tertiary Education

T Cochrane, R Bateman, I Flitta, A Méndez-Vilas (ed.)

Formatex Research Center | Published : 2009


Based on three years of innovative pedagogical development and guided by a participatory action research methodology, this paper outlines an approach to integrating mobile web 2.0 within a tertiary education course, based on a social constructivist pedagogy. The goal is to facilitate a student-centred, collaborative, flexible, context-bridging learning environment that empowers students as content producers and learning context generators, guided by lecturers who effectively model the use of the technology. We illustrate how the introduction of mobile web 2.0 has disrupted the underlying pedagogy of the course from a traditional Attelier (face-to-face apprenticeship) model, and has been succ..

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