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Effects of water soaking-drying cycles on thermally modified spruce wood-plastic composites

S Kallbom, K Lillqvist, S Spoljaric, J Seppälä, K Segerholm, L Rautkari, M Hughes, M Walinder

Wood and Fiber Science | Society of Wood Science and Technology | Published : 2020


The overall aim of this work was to gain more insight on the potential of modified wood (TMW) components for use in wood-thermoplastic composites (WPCs). Laboratory-scale TMWPCs were produced, and the effects of severe water soaking-drying cycles on the samples were studied. Water sorption behavior and resulting dimensional and micromorphological changes were also studied, and the results were compared with those of unmodified wood-plastic composites (UWPCs) used as control. The TMW was prepared by cutting a spruce board into half and subjecting one-half to an atmosphere of superheated steam at atmospheric pressure with a peak temperature of 210°C, with the other unmodified wood (UW) half as..

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Awarded by Swedish Research Council Formas

Funding Acknowledgements

Financial support from the Swedish Research Council Formas (project EnWoBio 2014-172) is greatly acknowledged. The authors also thank Olof Frisk for valuable discussions and providing material. Stora Enso Oy Ltd. is acknowledged for providing the wood material. This research used equipment and facilities under the joint Aalto University and VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) Bioeconomy Infrastructure.