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Genetic data and climate niche suitability models highlight the vulnerability of a functionally important plant species from south-eastern Australia

Adam D Miller, Craig Nitschke, Andrew R Weeks, William L Weatherly, Simon D Heyes, Steve J Sinclair, Owen J Holland, Aggie Stevenson, Linda Broadhurst, Susan E Hoebee, Craig DH Sherman, John W Morgan



Habitat fragmentation imperils the persistence of many functionally important species, with climate change a new threat to local persistence due to climate niche mismatching. Predicting the evolutionary trajectory of species essential to ecosystem function under future climates is challenging but necessary for prioritizing conservation investments. We use a combination of population genetics and niche suitability models to assess the trajectory of a functionally important, but highly fragmented, plant species from south-eastern Australia (Banksia marginata, Proteaceae). We demonstrate significant genetic structuring among, and high level of relatedness within, fragmented remnant populations,..

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