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Use of Video Narratives to Increase Relevance in Design Science Research

K Mirkovski, C Doyle, L Liu

Proceedings of 28th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) | Association for Information Systems (AIS) | Published : 2020


The relevance of information systems (IS) research to practice is considered an old problem in the field. Practitioners often question the relevance of (IS) research to practice. This study explores the impact and benefits of video narratives on disseminating design science research, which helps increase the relevance to practitioners. Drawing on the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning and Critical Narrative Theory, we propose that research briefs in the form of video narratives should help improve the accessibility and applicability aspects of relevance in design science research (DSR) articles. To illustrate this point, we have created a video narrative for a recent design science arti..

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