Journal article

Heat induced denaturation, aggregation and gelation of almond proteins in skim and full fat almond milk

Bhanu Devnani, Lydia Ong, Sandra Kentish, Sally Gras

Food Chemistry | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


The effect of thermal treatment (45-95 ⁰C for 30 minutes) on the structure of almond milk proteins was assessed, as the unfolding and association of these proteins in response to heat is not well understood. Above 55 ⁰C, protein surface hydrophobicity and particle size increased and alpha helical structure decreased, reducing the stability of skim or full fat milk. Fractal protein clusters were observed at 65-75 ⁰C and weakly flocculated gels with a continuous protein network occurred at 85-95 ⁰C, resulting in gels with high water holding capacity and a strength similar to dairy gels. The presence of almond fat increased gel strength but led to a more heterogenous microstructure, which may b..

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