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Herpesvirus Infection in Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi)

Amy L Shima, Paola K Vaz, Linda Johnson, Joanne M Devlin, Lee F Skerratt

Journal of Wildlife Diseases | WILDLIFE DISEASE ASSOC, INC | Published : 2020


Herpesvirus infections associated with a range of clinical findings are widespread in free-ranging and captive Australian marsupials. We report on herpesviruses identified by virus neutralization and PCR in free-ranging and captive Lumholtz's tree-kangaroos (Dendrolagus lumholtzi). Herpesvirus has not been confirmed previously by DNA testing in tree kangaroos. Virus neutralization testing for alphaherpesviruses MaHV-1 and MaHV-2 was positive on 4/10 captive and 0/35 free-ranging tree-kangaroo samples tested. A novel gammaherpesvirus was found on PCR in 17/20 apparently healthy individuals (11/12 free-ranging, 5/6 wild-caught, captive, and 1/2 captive-bred). One captive-bred animal that died ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Funding was provided through Australian postgraduate award scholarship, Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment, Skyrail Rain-forest Research Foundation, and Wet Tropics Management Authority. We thank R. Martin, S. Huntress, A. Olsson, V. Nicolson, D. Blyde, C. Esson, S. Simpson, M. Cianelli, K. Pearce, J. and J. Thomas, C. Anderson, and R. Lynch for their assistance with this study.