Book Chapter

Participatory knowledge co-creation: Using digital mapping as an emancipatory method

Siew Fang Law, Jose Ramos

Emancipatory and Participatory Methodologies in Peace, Critical, and Community Psychology | Springer | Published : 2017


As a range of social, economic and political issues of the twenty-first century challenge us, academics need to rethink not only what we teach and research but how we learn, teach and conduct research. Neoliberal competitive ideals have continued to promote the idea that “elitist knowledge” is better, and provide little self-critique about how mainstream research approaches and pedagogy continue to reproduce social inequality. In this chapter, we argue for participatory knowledge co-creation as a transformative approach. This method emancipates people, allows power shifting and promotes a greater sense of belonging in the community and environment. The case study, the Maribyrnong Maker Map (..

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