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“Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi”: Situating and Understanding Social Identities in Australia.

Siew Fang Law, Cynthia MacKenzie

Understanding Peace and Conflict Through Social Identity Theory Contemporary Global Perspectives | Springer | Published : 2016


Australia is a nation of multiple identities. These identities include perceptions of Australia as the great southern land, the largest island continent in the world; an ancient land with the world's longest surviving indigenous people; a ‘lucky country’ with decades of economic wealth and prosperity; a wounded, colonized country because of its violent convict past and displacement of indigenous people; a multicultural nation which millions of migrants now call home; a comfortable, modern, English-speaking, White, Christian country. As a nation, Australia bubbles with numerous contradictory and complex identity-oriented tensions. At the sociocultural level, all these Australian identities re..

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