Journal article

Atlantic salmon cope in submerged cages when given access to an air dome that enables fish to maintain neutral buoyancy

F Oppedal, O Folkedal, LH Stien, T Vagseth, JO Fosse, T Dempster, F Warren-Myers

Aquaculture | ELSEVIER | Published : 2020


Awarded by Norwegian Research Council

Awarded by internal Institute of Marine Research project

Funding Acknowledgements

Funding was provided by the Norwegian Research Council project no Fordom 256326, Future Welfare 267800, Dypdom 296157 and internal Institute of Marine Research project 14597-04/-14. We thank the crew at the Solheim sea facility, Kristian Dahle, Marita Laupsa, and JanHarald Nordahl, the Matre Aquaculture Research Station technical staff, and the supplier of the air-domes, Plastinvent ( work was conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations controlling experiments and procedures on live animals in Norway, following the Norwegian Regulations on Animal Experimentation 1996 and ethics permit number 10788.