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Footwear for osteoarthritis of the lateral knee: protocol for the FOLK randomised controlled trial

Kade L Paterson, Kim L Bennell, Ben R Metcalf, Penny K Campbell, Jessica Kasza, Tim V Wrigley, Rana S Hinman



BACKGROUND: Structural features of lateral tibiofemoral (TF) joint osteoarthritis (OA) occur in up to half of all people with knee OA, and co-existing lateral TF OA is associated with worse knee pain in people with mixed compartmental knee OA. Clinical guidelines for management of knee OA advocate advice about appropriate footwear, yet there is no research evaluating which types of footwear are best for managing pain associated with lateral TF OA. Biomechanical evidence suggests that "motion-control" footwear, which possess midsoles that are stiffer medially compared to laterally, may shift load away from the lateral compartment of the knee and thus may reduce knee pain associated with later..

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