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Global Trends in Proteome Remodeling of the Outer Membrane Modulate Antimicrobial Permeability in Klebsiella pneumoniae

Andrea Rocker, Jake A Lacey, Matthew J Belousoff, Jonathan J Wilkscha, Richard A Strugnell, Mark R Davies, Trevor Lithgow



In Gram-negative bacteria, the permeability of the outer membrane governs rates of antibiotic uptake and thus the efficacy of antimicrobial treatment. Hydrophilic drugs like β-lactam antibiotics depend on diffusion through pore-forming outer membrane proteins to reach their intracellular targets. In this study, we investigated the distribution of porin genes in more than 2,700 Klebsiella isolates and found a widespread loss of OmpK35 functionality, particularly in those strains isolated from clinical environments. Using a defined set of outer-membrane-remodeled mutants, the major porin OmpK35 was shown to be largely responsible for β-lactam permeation. Sequence similarity network analysis ch..

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