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Insight into the RssB-Mediated Recognition and Delivery of sigma(s) to the AAA Protease, ClpXP

Dimce Micevski, Kornelius Zeth, Terrence D Mulhern, Verena J Schuenemann, Jessica E Zammit, Kaye N Truscott, David A Dougan

Biomolecules | MDPI | Published : 2020


In Escherichia coli, SigmaS (σS) is the master regulator of the general stress response. The cellular levels of σS are controlled by transcription, translation and protein stability. The turnover of σS, by the AAA+ protease (ClpXP), is tightly regulated by a dedicated adaptor protein, termed RssB (Regulator of Sigma S protein B)-which is an atypical member of the response regulator (RR) family. Currently however, the molecular mechanism of σS recognition and delivery by RssB is only poorly understood. Here we describe the crystal structures of both RssB domains (RssBN and RssBC) and the SAXS analysis of full-length RssB (both free and in complex with σS). Together with our biochemical analys..

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