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EdgeLens: Deep Learning based Object Detection in Integrated IoT, Fog and Cloud Computing Environments

S Tuli, N Basumatary, R Buyya

2019 4th International Conference on Information Systems and Computer Networks (ISCON) | IEEE | Published : 2020


Data-intensive applications are growing at an increasing rate and there is a growing need to solve scalability and high-performance issues in them. By the advent of Cloud computing paradigm, it became possible to harness remote resources to build and deploy these applications. In recent years, new set of applications and services based on Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, require to process large amount of data in very less time. Among them surveillance and object detection have gained prime importance, but cloud is unable to bring down the network latencies to meet the response time requirements. This problem is solved by Fog computing which harnesses resources in the edge of the network a..

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