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The effect of milk quantity and feeding frequency on calf growth and behaviour

Ellen C Jongman, Melanie J Conley, Samantha Borg, Kym L Butler, Andrew J Fisher

Animal Production Science | CSIRO Publishing | Published : 2020


Context: Calves left with their dam to suckle will consume ~7–12 L/day; however, the amount of milk provided to dairy young calves removed from their dams may often be as low as 4 L/day, or 10% of their bodyweight. Aims: This study compared once and twice daily feeding, as well as feeding levels of 10 and 20% of bodyweight and studied the effect on behaviour and metabolic indicators indicative of hunger. Methods: Forty-six male dairy calves were allocated to one of three treatments from 3 to 8 days of age: (i) 10% of bodyweight offered daily as one meal (1 × 10%, n = 16); (ii) 10% of bodyweight offered daily over two meals (2 × 5%, n = 15); or (iii) 20% of bodyweight offered over two mea..

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