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Flash survey on severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 infections in paediatric patients on anticancer treatment.

Ondrej Hrusak, Tomas Kalina, Joshua Wolf, Adriana Balduzzi, Massimo Provenzi, Carmelo Rizzari, Susana Rives, María Del Pozo Carlavilla, Maria EV Alonso, Nerea Domínguez-Pinilla, Jean-Pierre Bourquin, Kjeld Schmiegelow, Andishe Attarbaschi, Pernilla Grillner, Karin Mellgren, Jutte van der Werff Ten Bosch, Rob Pieters, Triantafyllia Brozou, Arndt Borkhardt, Gabriele Escherich Show all

European Journal of Cancer | Published : 2020


INTRODUCTION: Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, it is known that the severe course of the disease occurs mostly among the elderly, whereas it is rare among children and young adults. Comorbidities, in particular, diabetes and hypertension, clearly associated with age, besides obesity and smoke, are strongly associated with the need for intensive treatment and a dismal outcome. A weaker immunity of the elderly has been proposed as a possible explanation of this uneven age distribution. Thus, there is concern that children treated for cancer may allso be at risk for an unfavourable course of infection. Along the same line, anecdotal information from Wuhan, China, mentioned a severe cou..

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