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Preferences for Sexually Dimorphic Body Characteristics Revealed in a Large Sample of Speed Daters

MJ Sidari, AJ Lee, SC Murphy, JM Sherlock, BJW Dixson, BP Zietsch

Social Psychological and Personality Science | Published : 2021


While hundreds of studies have investigated the indices that make up attractive body shapes, these studies were based on preferences measured in the laboratory using pictorial stimuli. Whether these preferences translate into real-time, face-to-face evaluations of potential partners is unclear. Here, 539 (275 female) participants in 75 laboratory-based sessions had their body dimensions measured before engaging in round-robin speed dates. After each date, they rated each other’s body, face, personality, and overall attractiveness and noted whether they would go on a date with the partner. Women with smaller waists and lower waist-to-hip ratios were found most attractive, and men with broader..

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