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Craniofacial Approaches to Pediatric Orbital Tumors.

Jameel Kaderbhai, William Lo, Desiderio Rodrigues, Nicholas White, Martin Evans, Hiroshi Nishikawa, Michael Stephen Dover

J Craniofac Surg | Published : 2019


Primary pediatric orbital tumors requiring surgery are uncommon and often require multidisciplinary management. Commonly used surgical approaches to the orbit include transconjunctival, transcutaneous (eyelid), transcranial, or extracranial osteotomies. This paper reviews a 10-year experience of cases that required a transcranial or extracranial surgical approach at the Birmingham Children's Hospital. A total of 9 patients were identified between the years 2008 to 2017. Pathologies included rhabdomyosarcoma, juvenile ossifying fibroma, optic nerve glioma, and retinoblastoma. Surgical approaches to the orbit included supraorbital bar osteotomy (transcranial) or lateral orbitotomy (extracrania..

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