Thesis / Dissertation

Childhood Neurodevelopmental Factors and Risk of Psychotic Experiences in Early Adolescence: Genotypic Variation and Developmental Endophenotypes

Mohajer Hameed, Andrew Lewis (ed.)

Published : 2013


Over the last decade there has been increasing interest in psychotic experiences (PEs) in the general population in early adolescence as a sign of vulnerability to adult psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia. The accumulated evidence implies that the presence of PEs in a proportion of individuals from the general population that do not fulfil the clinical diagnostic criteria of schizophrenia may signal a problem of potential public health concern. Further, the association of PEs with known childhood neurodevelopmental indicators of schizophrenia is insufficiently studied. This thesis argues that if PEs is an early expression of later vulnerability to adult onset schizophrenia, they will..

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