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Basinwise Statistical Analysis of Factors Limiting Tropical Storm Formation From an Initial Tropical Circulation

Pavan Harika Raavi, KJE Walsh



Tropical cyclones (TCs) form within a closed circulation region of large-scale disturbances under certain dynamical and thermodynamical conditions. This study investigates differences in the large-scale environmental conditions of a TC 48 hr before the declaration of tropical depression, comparing those that developed into tropical storms (TSs) with those depressions that did not develop. Here, we apply the Okubo-Weiss Zeta Parameter detection and tracking scheme to ERA-interim reanalysis from 1989–2018, across different ocean basins. The method detects storm-system-scale environmental conditions that favor TC formation. We construct spatial composites of thermodynamical and dynamical quanti..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge valuable discussions with Kevin Tory and the constructive comments of three anonymous reviewers. We are grateful to the financial support for the Ph.D. from the Melbourne India Postgraduate Program. We thank the National Computational Infrastructure System, supported by the Australian Government, for providing the preprocessed ERA-Interim data and computational resources. The authors are thankful for the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes and Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub of the National Environmental Science Program for supplying partial financial support. The ERA-Interim reanalysis data used for current analysis is available at the following link (