Toys-r-Us: Agamben on Infancy and Toys

Elizabeth Presa

Published : 2019


A paper presented to the 2019 ASCP conference in a panel session on the thought of Giorgio Agamben. One of the lessons Agamben teaches us is that if we are to take seriously claims of the emancipatory nature of philosophy in life we must take seriously the importance of infancy and the potentiality of experience derived through play. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that there is a “Winnicottian dimension” to Agamben’s thought especially given the influence this modest British child psychoanalyst has had on thinkers as diverse as Blanchot, Lacan, Irigaray, Deleuze, Steigler and others writing on childhood. This paper explores something of Agamben’s fascination with infancy, toys an..

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