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Assessing urban strategies for reducing the impacts of extreme weather on infrastructure networks

Maria Pregnolato, Alistair Ford, Craig Robson, Vassilis Glenis, Stuart Barr, Richard Dawson



Critical infrastructure networks, including transport, are crucial to the social and economic function of urban areas but are at increasing risk from natural hazards. Minimizing disruption to these networks should form part of a strategy to increase urban resilience. A framework for assessing the disruption from flood events to transport systems is presented that couples a high-resolution urban flood model with transport modelling and network analytics to assess the impacts of extreme rainfall events, and to quantify the resilience value of different adaptation options. A case study in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK shows that both green roof infrastructure and traditional engineering interve..

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Awarded by Doctoral Training Account (DTA) - EPSRC

Awarded by ITRC project - ESPRC

Awarded by iBUILD programme - EPSRC

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Funding Acknowledgements

M.P. is funded by a Doctoral Training Account (DTA) funded by EPSRC (EP/L504828/1). This work has been supported by the ITRC project funded by ESPRC (EP/I01344X/1); the iBUILD programme funded by EPSRC (EP/K012398/1); and the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no. 308497 RAMSES (Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable dEvelopment for citieS) project.