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A blueprint for the integrated assessment of climate change in cities

R Dawson, J Hall, S Barr, M Batty, A Bristow, S Carney, A Dagoumas, S Evans, A Ford, H Harwatt, J Köhler, M Tight, C Walsh, A Zanni

Green CITYnomics: The Urban War against Climate Change | Published : 2017


Mitigating and adapting to climate change in urban areas involves complex interactions of citizens, governmental/non-governmental organisations and businesses. In response to these challenges, the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research has embarked on the development of a quantified integrated assessment model to support climate protection decision-making at a city scale. This chapter reviews the challenges faced by cities and city managers before introducing how the Tyndall Centre cities programme is addressing some of these challenges. As much as 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions are the result of urban activity and it is therefore appropriate to analyse emissions and develop miti..

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