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The Master of the Scrovegni Chapel Choir presents Kylie White’s Manifesto of a Digital Relationship

Lisa Radford, Sam George

CAVES Gallery | Published : 2019


The performances on January 25, an atomised opera, utilised the time the emails were sent to explore the space of desire and doubt in choral form. An opera singer chanted the verbal descriptions of the attachments (literal and figural) mostly images, that Kylie and David send to each other over the 9 month period. Attachments is an accompanying booklet which contains a collection of fragments from a chart documenting the position of the sun in relation to Melbourne and San Diego based on the time attachments were sent as found in the as yet unpublished manuscript Manifesto of an Electronic Relationship by Kylie White and used as reference to produce the accompanying 25 frescoes in the exhi..

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