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Role of Coherent Structures in Turbulent Premixed Flame Acoustics

D Brouzet, A Haghiri, M Talei, MJ Brear, OT Schmidt, G Rigas, T Colonius

AIAA Journal | American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) | Published : 2020


Spectral proper orthogonal decomposition (SPOD) is applied to direct numerical simulation datasets of a lean and a stoichiometric methane–air turbulent premixed jet flame. SPOD is used to extract the coherent structures that correlate with the radiated sound by using an inner product based on a linearized disturbance energy. Two types of structures are prominent in the data. The first type arises in the jet’s shear layer and is linked to the Kelvin–Helmholtz instability, which is an important mechanism of sound generation in nonreacting jets. These structures produce sound through deformation of the flame front in the shear layer. They contain most of the acoustic energy and are dominant at ..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC; grants DP120101830 and DE180100416) and the University of Melbourne through a Melbourne International Research Scholarship and a Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship. The research benefited from computational resources provided through the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme, supported by the Australian Government. The computational facilities supporting this project included the Australian National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and the Pawsey Supercomputing Center.