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Diffusion of effects of the ASSIST school-based smoking prevention intervention to non-participating family members: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial.

James White, Jo Holliday, Rhian Daniel, Rona Campbell, Laurence Moore

Addiction | Published : 2020


AIMS: To investigate whether effects of the ASSIST (A Stop Smoking In Schools Trial) school-based smoking prevention intervention diffused from students to the people they lived with. DESIGN: Secondary analysis of a cluster-randomized control trial (cRCT). SETTING: England and Wales. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 10 730 students aged 12-13 years in 59 schools assigned using stratified block randomization to the control (29 schools, 5372 students) or intervention (30 schools, 5358 students) condition. INTERVENTION AND COMPARATOR: The ASSIST intervention involves 2 days of off-site training of influential students to encourage their peers not to smoke during a 10-week period. The control group cont..

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