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Three provocations about retention and attrition and their policy implications

Matt Absalom, Jean Fornasiero, SMA Reed, Rob Amery, Eric Bouvet, K Enomoto, HI Xu

Intersections in Language Planning and Policy: Establishing Connections in Languages and Cultures | Springer Nature B.V. | Published : 2020


One of the recurring debates in relation to languages and cultures education in Australia concerns the issue of retention and attrition. The clarion call seems to have been continuous for the last 30 years or so. I want to offer three provocations around this issue: 1. We think it’s our fault but maybe it isn’t — research shows us that at each point of transition students will choose to change languages, regardless of their experience. A concomitant issue is that at university level some students have already decided how much of a language they are prepared to study (often due to administrative/structural constraints of their degree or for other personal reasons — cf. the phenomenon of the l..

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