Live Performance of Creative Work


Emily Collett, Fleur Kilpatrick, Katrina Cornwell, Sonya Suares, Sarah Walker, Chanella Macri, Lisa Mibus, Raya Slavin, Justin Gardam, Liberty Gilbert, Claire Portek, Roslyn Oades

Northcote Town Hall, and Monash University Sound Gallery | Published : 2019


Here’s what you need to know: The ocean is rising. We caused it. We’re going to fix it but someone has to die. Can you imagine a world where political inaction and climate change has brought the earth to the point of catastrophe? How did we let it get this bad? Could anything have been done about it? Or was it inevitable? Whale is a participatory new work where the personal must become the political. The scientists and politicians can’t save us but don’t worry: we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We can save the world, provided we are ready to make the sacrifice. Winner of the 2018 Max Afford Playwright’s Award. “It’s rare to find a piece of theatre that explores climate change with s..

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