Live Performance of Creative Work

Wild Cherries

Emily Collett, Daniel Keene, Beng Oh, Lucy Ansell, Molly Broadstock, Milijana Čančar, Dennis Coard, Carmelina De Guglielmo, Kim Ho, Troy Larkin, Enzo Nazario, Shane Grant, Ben Keene, Teri Steer

La Mama Carlton Courthouse | Published : 2019


Broken stories of forgotten people by Daniel Keene. Trapped by circumstance and poverty, exploited and disposable, a group of forced labourers risk everything to break the bonds that imprison them. Each has a different story to tell, but all their stories are broken. Trapped in a cycle of unrelenting labour, cut off from their past and uncertain of their future, eight individuals must discover their collective strength. Perhaps together they can create a new beginning.

University of Melbourne Researchers