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Vane-in-a-Filter and Vane-under-Compressional-Loading: novel methods for the characterisation of combined shear and compression

Eric Hoefgen, Hui-En Teo, Peter J Scales, Anthony D Stickland

Rheologica Acta | Springer | Published : 2020


Solid-liquid separation aims to increase the solids concentration. The dewatering extent can be parameterized through the compressive yield stress, py(ϕ) whereby to further consolidate a suspension, higher stress has to be applied to the material. In a variety of dewatering devices, shear (in addition to unilateral compression) is applied to the material and is demonstrated to be of benefit to the process, albeit without a basis for optimisation. To address this fundamental issue, two novel measurement techniques, namely the Vane-in-a-Filter (ViaF) and the Vane-under-Compressional-Loading (VuCL), are presented, allowing measurement of the shear stress response with different normal loads und..

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