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Emerging illegal wildlife trade issues: A global horizon scan

Nafeesa Esmail, Bonnie C Wintle, Michael t Sas-Rolfes, Andrea Athanas, Colin M Beale, Zara Bending, Ran Dai, Michael Fabinyi, Sarah Gluszek, Cathy Haenlein, Lauren A Harrington, Amy Hinsley, Kennedy Kariuki, Jack Lam, Matthew Markus, Kumar Paudel, Sofiya Shukhova, William J Sutherland, Diogo Verissimo, Yifu Wang Show all



Illegal wildlife trade is gaining prominence as a threat to biodiversity, but addressing it remains challenging. To help inform proactive policy responses in the face of uncertainty, in 2018 we conducted a horizon scan of significant emerging issues. We built upon existing iterative horizon scanning methods, using an open and global participatory approach to evaluate and rank issues from a diverse range of sources. Prioritized issues related to three themes: developments in biological, information, and financial technologies; changing trends in demand and information; and socioeconomic, geopolitical shifts and influences. The issues covered areas ranging from changing demographic and economi..

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