Book Chapter

Caring for the Un-Speakable: Coercion, Shame, and the Structural Violence Continuum

Ana Dragojlovic

Gender, Violence and Power in Indonesia Across Time and Space | Routledge | Published : 2020


Over the last decade, Indisch (Indo-Dutch)2 personal and collective memory work has been preoccupied with the figure of a violent Indisch father who, having lived through Japanese internment camps during the Second World War and the Indonesian independence movement (bersiap), developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and consequently became brutal towards his children and other family members. In these discursive politics of memory, Indisch women who lived through the same conditions are not portrayed as subjects that inflict violence, but rather as powerful and vivacious temptresses and enchantresses, or as the helpless victims of cruel Japanese soldiers. This dichotomy of violent, p..

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