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RAF1 rearrangements are common in pancreatic acinar cell carcinomas

Owen WJ Prall, Violeta Nastevski, Huiling Xu, Christopher RE McEvoy, Joep HA Vissers, David J Byrne, Elena Takano, Satwica Yerneni, Sarah Ellis, Thomas Green, Catherine A Mitchell, William K Murray, Clare L Scott, Sean M Grimmond, Oliver Hofmann, Anthony Papenfuss, Damien Kee, Andrew Fellowes, Ian S Brown, Gregory Miller Show all



There is now evidence that gene fusions activating the MAPK pathway are relatively common in pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma with potentially actionable BRAF or RET fusions being found in ~30%. We sought to investigate the incidence of RAF1 fusions in pancreatic malignancies with acinar cell differentiation. FISH testing for RAF1 was undertaken on 30 tumors comprising 25 'pure' acinar cell carcinomas, 2 mixed pancreatic acinar-neuroendocrine carcinomas, 1 mixed acinar cell-low grade neuroendocrine tumor and 2 pancreatoblastomas. RAF1 rearrangements were identified in 5 cases and confirmed by DNA and RNA sequencing to represent oncogenic fusions (GATM-RAF1, GOLGA4-RAF1, PDZRN3-RAF1, HERPUD1-..

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