Journal article

Perceptual rivalry across animal species

Olivia Carter, Bruno van Swinderen, David A Leopold, Shaun P Collin, Alexander Maier

The Journal of Comparative Neurology | WILEY | Published : 2020


This review in memoriam of Jack Pettigrew provides an overview of past and current research into the phenomenon of multistable perception across multiple animal species. Multistable perception is characterized by two or more perceptual interpretations spontaneously alternating, or rivaling, when animals are exposed to stimuli with inherent sensory ambiguity. There is a wide array of ambiguous stimuli across sensory modalities, ranging from the configural changes observed in simple line drawings, such as the famous Necker cube, to the alternating perception of entire visual scenes that can be instigated by interocular conflict. The latter phenomenon, called binocular rivalry, in particular ca..

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