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High-dimensional analyses reveal a distinct role of T-cell subsets in the immune microenvironment of gastric cancer

Minyu Wang, Yu-Kuan Huang, Joseph CH Kong, Yu Sun, Daniela G Tantalo, Han Xian Aw Yeang, Le Ying, Feng Yan, Dakang Xu, Heloise Halse, Natasha Di Costanzo, Ian R Gordon, Catherine Mitchell, Laura K Mackay, Rita A Busuttil, Paul J Neeson, Alex Boussioutas



Objectives: To facilitate disease prognosis and improve precise immunotherapy of gastric cancer (GC) patients, a comprehensive study integrating immune cellular and molecular analyses on tumor tissues and peripheral blood was performed. Methods: The association of GC patients' outcomes and the immune context of their tumors was explored using multiplex immunohistochemistry (mIHC) and transcriptome profiling. Potential immune dysfunction mechanism/s in the tumors on the systemic level was further examined using mass cytometry (CyTOF) in complementary peripheral blood from selected patients. GC cohorts with mIHC and gene expression profiling data were also used as validation cohorts. Results: ..

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