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Mantis-ml: Disease-Agnostic Gene Prioritization from High-Throughput Genomic Screens by Stochastic Semi-supervised Learning.

Dimitrios Vitsios, Slavé Petrovski

Am J Hum Genet | Published : 2020


Access to large-scale genomics datasets has increased the utility of hypothesis-free genome-wide analyses. However, gene signals are often insufficiently powered to reach experiment-wide significance, triggering a process of laborious triaging of genomic-association-study results. We introduce mantis-ml, a multi-dimensional, multi-step machine-learning framework that allows objective assessment of the biological relevance of genes to disease studies. Mantis-ml is an automated machine-learning framework that follows a multi-model approach of stochastic semi-supervised learning to rank disease-associated genes through iterative learning sessions on random balanced datasets across the protein-c..

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