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Performance of a Bio-mimetic 3D Printed Conch-like Structure under Quasi-Static Loading

Tu Van Le, Abdallah Ghazlan, Tuan Ngo, Tuan Nguyen

Composite Structures | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


The conch shell is known for its excellent ability to initiate, deflect and bridge cracks to maintain its strength whilst enhancing its toughness. Impressively, it is mainly composed of aragonite, a brittle ceramic, but boasts a high fracture toughness. Understanding and mimicking the unique mechanisms of the structure of conch shells can toughen lightweight materials. However, due to the complexity of the hierarchical architecture of conch, studies have focused on mimicking it as a bi-material composite. In this research, 3D printing is employed to develop a proof-of-concept single edge notched panel that mimics the composite structure of conch. The instructions (G-code) of the dual extrusi..

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