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Therapeutic ISCOMATRIX (TM) adjuvant vaccine elicits effective anti-tumor immunity in the TRAMP-C1 mouse model of prostate cancer

Adele M Barr, Anabel Silva, Sandro Prato, Gabrielle T Belz, Eugene Maraskovsky, Adriana Baz Morelli

Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy | Springer | Published : 2020


Cancer vaccine development has proven challenging with the exception of some virally induced cancers for which prophylactic vaccines exist. Currently, there is only one FDA approved vaccine for the treatment of prostate cancer and as such prostate cancer continues to present a significant unmet medical need. In this study, we examine the effectiveness of a therapeutic cancer vaccine that combines the ISCOMATRIX™ adjuvant (ISCOMATRIX) with the Toll-like receptor 3 agonist, polyinosinic–polycytidylic acid (Poly I:C), and Flt3L, FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand. We employed the TRAMP-C1 (transgenic adenocarcinoma of the mouse prostate) model of prostate cancer and the self-protein mPAP (prosta..

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