Multicultural and Settlement Services supporting women experiencing violence: The MuSeS project

Catherine Vaughan, Jasmin CHEN, Claire Sullivan, Suha Mariyam, Monisha Sandhu, Jeanine Hourani, Yara Jarallah, Lana Zannettino, Carolyn Gregoric, Linda Murray, Sarah Khaw, Karen Block, Adele Murdolo

Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety | Published : 2020


The Multicultural and Settlement Services supporting women experiencing violence project (known as the MuSeS project) aimed to produce findings that can inform strategies for better supporting women experiencing violence through settlement and multicultural services (including specialist refugee mental health services). Our specific research questions were: 1. How do settlement and multicultural services currently support women experiencing violence? 2. What factors strengthen or undermine the capacity of settlement and multicultural services to: • provide support to migrant and refugee women experiencing violence? • implement early intervention initiatives to support migrant and refuge..

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