J is for Junba: A bilingual alphabet book in Ngarinyin language and English

Sally Treloyn, Rona Goonginda Charles, Pansy Ngalgarr NULGIT, Francis Nunburrngu Divilli, Sally Treloyn (ed.)

Kimberley Language Resource Centre | Published : 2019


J is for Junba was developed by Rona Goonginda Charles and Sally Treloyn as a resource tosupport teaching and learning through Junba in Ngarinyin language speaking communities.Pansy Ngalgarr Nulgit provided Charles and Treloyn with sample sentences in Ngarinyinlanguage for each word in the course of several sessions at Mangkajarda wetlands nearMowanjum. These sample sentences were then transcribed and translated by Pansy NgalgarrNulgit, Rona Goonginda Charles, Thomas Saunders and Sally Treloyn with assistancefrom Matthew Dembalali Martin. Francis Nunburrngu developed illustrations overseveral months.The book follows the format of a typical English-language alphabet book, A – Z, andincludes s..

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