Wunggurr nyindi Warrunga jirri, The Rainbow Serpent and the Young Man

Eamarlden Rivers, Matthew Dembalali Martin, Rona Goonginda Charles, Sally Treloyn (ed.)

Kimberley Language Resource Centre | Published : 2019


The Rainbow Serpent and the Young Man Wunggurr nyindi Warrunga jirri was illustrated and told by Eamarlden Rivers in 2016 in Mowanjum, an Aboriginal Community in the Kimberley, Western Australia. In May 2018 Matthew Dembalali Martin and Pansy Ngalgarr Nulgit retold Eamarlden’s story in Ungarinyin with the assistance of Rona Goonginda Charles, at Mangkajarda wetlands near Mowanjum. The retelling of Eamarlden’s story was translated by Matthew Dembalali Martin, Pansy Nalgarr Nulgit, and Thomas Saunders. The translation was edited by Sally Treloyn to fit the format of Eamarlden’s book. This is a new story in English by a young Nyikina and Ngarinyin dancer and storyteller, retold in Ngarinyin lan..

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