Junba for Yilala: An instruction book

John Nyunjuma Divilli, Francis Nunburrngu Divilli, Matthew Dembalali Martin, Rona Charles, Sally Treloyn (ed.)

Kimberley Language Resource Centre | Published : 2019


Junba for Yilala was written by Johnny Nyunjuma Divilli in 2017 and 2018 withcontributions from Francis Nunburrngu Divilli, Rona Goonginda Charles, MatthewDembalali Martin and Sally Treloyn.Each year, young Ngarinyin, Worrorra and Wunambal dancers and singers, supported byelders, teach younger community members Junba choreography and practices. Junba forYilala: An instruction book was written by Johnny Nyunjuma Divilli to provide young boysand young men with a resource to support this teaching and learning.In developing the book, Nyunjuma also drew upon contributions from his brother FrancisNunburrngu Divilli, elder Matthew Dembalali Martin, Rona Goonginda Charles, andethnomusicologist Sally..

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