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Development of a user-friendly and transparent non-linear analysis program for RC walls

Scott J Menegon, John L Wilson, Nelson TK Lam, Emad F Gad

Computers and Concrete | Techno-press | Published : 2020


Advanced forms of structural design (e.g., displacement-based methods) require knowledge of the non-linear force-displacement behavior of both the overall building and individual lateral load resisting elements, i.e., walls or building cores. Similarly, understanding the non-linear behaviour of the elements in a structure can also allow for a less conservative structural response to be calculated by better understanding the cracked (i.e., effective) properties of the various RC elements. Calculating the non-linear response of an RC section typically involves using 'black box' analysis packages, wherein the user may not be in complete control nor be aware of all the intricate settings and/or ..

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