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ABCC4/MRP4 contributes to the aggressiveness of Myc-associated epithelial ovarian cancer

Moonsun Jung, Jixuan Gao, Leanna Cheung, Angelika Bongers, Klaartje Somers, Molly Clifton, Emma E Ramsay, Amanda J Russell, Emanuele Valli, Andrew J Gifford, Joshy George, Catherine J Kennedy, Matthew J Wakefield, Monique Topp, Gwo-Yaw Ho, Clare L Scott, David D Bowtell, Anna deFazio, Murray D Norris, Michelle Haber Show all



Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is a complex disease comprising discrete histological and molecular subtypes, for which survival rates remain unacceptably low. Tailored approaches for this deadly heterogeneous disease are urgently needed. Efflux pumps belonging to the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) family of transporters are known for roles in both drug resistance and cancer biology and are also highly targetable. Here we have investigated the association of ABCC4/MRP4 expression to clinical outcome and its biological function in endometrioid and serous tumors, common histological subtypes of EOC. We found high expression of ABCC4/MRP4, previously shown to be directly regulated by c-Myc/N-Myc, w..

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Cancer Australia, Grant/Award Number: 1067110; Cancer Institute NSW, Grant/Award Numbers: 10/TPG/1-03, 12/RIG/1-17, 15/RIG/1-16; Ovarian Cancer Action; Ovarian Cancer Australia; S. Boldeman, the Agar family; Cancer Council Tasmania; Cancer Foundation of Western Australia; Cancer Council South Australia; Cancer Council New South Wales; Queensland Cancer Fund; Cancer Council Victoria; U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Grant/Award Number: DAMD17-01-1-0729; National Health and Medical Research Council, Grant/Award Numbers: ID400281, ID400413, ID 628903, ID 310670