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Nascent mutant Huntingtin exon 1 chains do not stall on ribosomes during translation but aggregates do recruit machinery involved in ribosome quality control

Angelique Ormsby, Dezerae Cox, James Daly, David Priest, Elizabeth Hinde, Danny Hatters

Published : 2020


Mutations that cause Huntington’s Disease involve a polyglutamine (polyQ) sequence expansion beyond 35 repeats in exon 1 of Huntingtin. Intracellular inclusion bodies of mutant Huntingtin protein are a key feature of Huntington’s disease brain pathology. We previously showed that in cell culture the formation of inclusions involved the assembly of disordered structures of mHtt exon 1 fragments (Httex1) and they were enriched with translational machinery when first formed. We hypothesized that nascent mutant Httex1 chains co-aggregate during translation by phase separation into liquid-like disordered aggregates and then convert to more rigid, amyloid structures. Here we further examined the m..

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