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A randomised controlled trial comparing deep neuromuscular blockade reversed with sugammadex with moderate neuromuscular block reversed with neostigmine

S Boggett, R Chahal, J Griffiths, J Lin, D Wang, Z Williams, B Riedel, A Bowyer, A Royse, C Royse

ANAESTHESIA | WILEY | Published : 2020


Deep neuromuscular block aims to improve operative conditions during laparoscopic surgery with a lower intra-abdominal pressure. Studies are conflicting on whether meaningful improvements in quality of recovery occur beyond emergence, and whether lower intra-abdominal pressure is achieved. In this pragmatic randomised trial with 1:1 allocation, adults undergoing elective laparoscopic surgery were allocated to moderate neuromuscular block reversed with neostigmine, or deep neuromuscular block reversed with sugammadex. Allocation was revealed to the anaesthetist only. Primary outcome was cognitive recovery of the Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale, 7 days after surgery. Secondary outcomes..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This trial was registered at (NCT03034577). We thank the anaesthetists, endoscopists and nursing staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Women's Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Northpark Private Hospitals for their assistance with the conduct of the trial. CR is Australian Director, Outcomes Research Consortium, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA. CR is a founder of the Postoperative Quality of Recovery scale and a Director of PostopQRS Limited. The study was funded by Merck and Co., which manufactures sugammadex. No other external funding or competing interests declared.