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Tactile Feedback in Closed-Loop Control of Myoelectric Hand Grasping: Conveying Information of Multiple Sensors Simultaneously via a Single Feedback Channel.

Raphael M Mayer, Ricardo Garcia-Rosas, Alireza Mohammadi, Ying Tan, Gursel Alici, Peter Choong, Denny Oetomo

Frontiers in Neuroscience | Frontiers Research Foundation | Published : 2020


The appropriate sensory information feedback is important for the success of an object grasping and manipulation task. In many scenarios, the need arises for multiple feedback information to be conveyed to a prosthetic hand user simultaneously. The multiple sets of information may either (1) directly contribute to the performance of the grasping or object manipulation task, such as the feedback of the grasping force, or (2) simply form additional independent set(s) of information. In this paper, the efficacy of simultaneously conveying two independent sets of sensor information (the grasp force and a secondary set of information) through a single channel of feedback stimulation (vibrotactile..

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