Journal article

A multi-hazards earth science perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic: the potential for concurrent and cascading crises.

Mark C Quigley, Januka Attanayake, Andrew King, Fabian Prideaux

Environ Syst Decis | Published : 2020


Meteorological and geophysical hazards will concur and interact with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) impacts in many regions on Earth. These interactions will challenge the resilience of societies and systems. A comparison of plausible COVID-19 epidemic trajectories with multi-hazard time-series curves enables delineation of multi-hazard scenarios for selected countries (United States, China, Australia, Bangladesh) and regions (Texas). In multi-hazard crises, governments and other responding agents may be required to make complex, highly compromised, hierarchical decisions aimed to balance COVID-19 risks and protocols with disaster response and recovery operations. Contemporary socioeconomic ..

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