Journal article

'Snail factors in testicular germ cell tumours and their regulation by the BMP4 signalling pathway'

Diana J Micati, Karthika Radhakrishnan, Julia C Young, Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts, Gary R Hime, Helen E Abud, Kate L Loveland

ANDROLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Snail transcription factors mediate key cellular transitions in many developmental processes, including spermatogenesis, and their production can be regulated by TGF-β superfamily signalling. SNAI1 and SNAI2 support many cancers of epithelial origin. Their functional relevance and potential regulation by TGF-β superfamily ligands in germ cell neoplasia are unknown. METHODS: SNAI1, SNAI2 and importin 5 (IPO5; nuclear transporter that selectively mediates BMP signalling) cellular localization was examined in fixed normal adult human and/or neoplastic testes using in situ hybridization and/or immunohistochemistry. SNAI1 and SNAI2 functions were assessed using the well-characterized ..

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