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Effect of sonication, microwaves and high-pressure processing on ACE-inhibitory activity and antioxidant potential of Cheddar cheese during ripening.

Masooma Munir, Muhammad Nadeem, Tahir Mahmood Qureshi, Charitha J Gamlath, Gregory JO Martin, Yacine Hemar, Muthupandian Ashokkumar

Ultrasonics Sonochemistry | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Dairy processing provides acceptable safety and shelf-life to final products, and improves their bioactivity. The present study evaluated the potential of different milk processing techniques to improve the antioxidant and angiotensin-I converting enzyme (ACE)-inhibitory activity of Cheddar cheese, during ripening. Cheese was made from milk subjected to different pre-treatments (C = untreated control, US-1 = ultrasonication, specific energy = 23 J/g, 20 kHz frequency; US-2 = Ultrasonication specific energy = 41 J/g, 20 kHz; HPP = high-pressure processing, 400 MPa for 15 min, at temperature < 40 °C; MW = microwave, temperature<40 °C, specific energy = 86.5 J/g) and analysed after ripening for..

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